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The Revolutionary Potential of Autonomous Driving to Remake the Auto Industry

2018-10-16 13:06 Tuesday

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly competitive field, with substantial investment in both the public and private sectors. Technological companies regard artificial intelligence as essential in developing new models for a wide range of products and services; government agencies view as the means to improve economic competitiveness and safeguard national security.

 Autonomous Driving

Alibaba AliOS recently partnered with Intel and Datang Telecom in intelligent transportation, hoping to lay the the groundwork for the development of autonomous vehicles, the frontier of the auto industry.

Autonomous driving technology company Waymo will launch the first autonomous ride-hailing service by the end of 2018. To ensure its safety, Waymo is conducting a trial in Phoenix, Arizona. Projections suggest that Waymo's global market share in the autonomous driving sector will exceed 60% in 2030, with revenue of $114 billion USD and a $750 to $135 billion USD valuation.

Edmonton, Canada will conduct an autonomous bus trial from October to November, 2018. The trial bus line is one kilometer long, has 4 stations, and will take 6-7 minutes to reach the terminal.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced that his company will invest over $150 million USD over the next five years to support its autonomous car project in Toronto, Canada.

Advances in autonomous driving have not been limited to North America. Notably, the Chinese government has implemented a series of policies that are favorable for the industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Transport, issued the Regulation on Intelligent Car Road Testing, which dictates standards for testing organizations,  drivers and  cars. The regulation also states that the authorities can determine the testing sites, manage applications and issue testing licenses independently.

Many auto and technology companies have built R&D centers in China, attracted by the promising regulatory environment.

Artificial intelligence company Westwell released its first autonomous heavy-duty truck Q-Truck at the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center on September 13th, 2018, applying artificial intelligence with the goal of adapting to diverse driving conditions

Waymo's wholly-owned enterprise Waymo Business Consulting Co. Ltd was established in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone on May 22nd, 2018, with a business scope encompassing design and testing of autonomous car components.

The entry of heavyweights, such as Waymo and Tesla, into the Chinese market will undoubtedly accelerate technological innovation in the autonomous vehicle sector.

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