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China Connected Cars Innovators Gather in Beijing for Industry Summit

2019-06-17 15:03 Monday

The 6 th China Connected Cars Summit 2019 ( CCS ), hosted by Duxes, took place at the Crowne Plaza Chaoyang U-Town Hotel in Beijing from June 13-14. Experts from the field of telematics, as well as senior managers from leading national-level enterprises, industry associations and scientific research centers gathered to discuss policies and the development of connected cars in China.

The 6th China Connected Cars Summit 2019.jpg

During the two-day event, specialists from the fields of insurance, telecoms, hardware and mapping met to talk on the impact of domestic policies as well as information security in the age of intelligent driving, among a variety of other topics. This summit included the most knowledgeable authorities in the China region, including policy makers and professionals from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center.

Attendees were invited to analyze and interpret the impact of intelligent cars from varying perspectives, including services in the 5G era. In addition to the many speeches delivered by the distinguished guests, the event also featured fascinating panel discussions on the topics of promoting product value to the customer and how to build the smart driving experience. This gathering was an important showcase of the harmonization between technology, communications and automotive companies.

If you missed this summit, don’t worry; you can still catch up from anywhere in the world by downloading the XEvents app on your mobile device. Create an account and login to view the complete presentation materials from the event and get full access to all our online webinars! Duxes is grateful to all of our distinguished speakers for having taken time out of their busy schedules to attend this summit and to share such noteworthy opinions on these matters of industry importance. Duxes also wishes to show their appreciation for the sponsorship of Tata Communications and Western Digital. Lastly, thanks to the numerous organizations who have made this event possible with their strong support. Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and the most authoritative policy interpretations by following the official Duxes WeChat account here:

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