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Tesla Robot Taxi is Coming Next Year

2019-04-29 09:59 Monday

Elon Musk,Chief Executive at Tesla, confirmed that Tesla's robotaxis with no human drivers would be available in some US markets next year. "Probably two years from now we'll make a car with no steering wheels or pedals," Musk predicted.

Tesla Robot Taxi

Musk also unveil a new self-driving vehicles microchip, which is made by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd in Texas, the chip is hoped to give Tesla an edge over rivals and show its massive investment in autonomous driving.

"The fundamental message consumers should be taking away today is it's financially insane to buy something other than a Tesla. It's like buying a horse," saying Tesla was the only company to have a full self-driving suite of hardware.

Full self-driving means that the car can handle all aspects of driving in most circumstances with no human intervention. "With the hardware complete, improvements in software will allow vehicles to fully drive themselves in future," Musk added.

"A year from now we'll have over a million cars with full self-driving, software, everything," Musk predicted. Tesla has been working on a self-driving chip since 2016 and Musk had previously forecast that cars would be fully self-driving by 2018, a target Tesla has missed. Besides, the technology faces many regulatory hurdles in US governments.

Musk took a swipe at competitors relying on Lidar, light-based sensors that are a key element in most other self-driving systems. "Lidar is a fools' errand. And anyone relying on Lidar is doomed," said Musk, who has been vocal about the technology's limitations. Tesla vehicles rely on cameras and radars as their vision system for self-driving.

Global carmakers and startups, including Alphabet Inc's Waymo and Uber Technologies Inc, are all rushing headlong into the self-driving sector, but experts say it will be years before the systems are ready for prime time.

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