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Baidu Partnered with Chery to Launch Smart Vehicles

2019-03-26 09:28 Tuesday

Baidu has launched its first production-model electric vehicle equipped with an AI operating system. The model was the result of a cooperation between Baidu and Chery Automobile. A new version of the Exeed TX, an electric sports utility vehicle, will have Baidus DuerOS, an AI platform that supports face-scanning payment, augmented reality (AR) navigation and remote control of home appliances among other features.

Baidu Partnered with Chery to Launch Smart Vehicles

According to Chery, the DuerOS can provide a range of customized driving experiences, including driver greetings and automatic seat/lighting adjustments. As part of Chery's initiative to attract younger consumers, the smart Exeed TX is expected to hit the domestic market next month.

Baidu started its AI investments in cars, homes and enterprises in China about seven years ago. Its main AI products are open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo, DuerOS and the ABC-Stack hybrid cloud platform for deploying AI into businesses.

DuerOS was embedded into more than 200 million devices at the end of last year, according to Baidu's recent corporate filing. Baidu's work with Chery comes after the Beijing-based online search giant led a 3-billion yuan (US$446 million) funding round in WM Motor Technology, an electric-car startup.

"We have entered a new stage in China's internet, where the population and penetration dividend has gone," said Robin Li Yanhong, Baidu's billionaire co-founder, chairman and CEO, during the company's earnings call earlier this month. Li said that the company expects new business opportunities powered by its AI products to continue expanding this year.

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