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Geely Announced Partnership with Qualcomm, Connected Vehicle is Coming

2019-03-20 10:11 Wednesday

With the advent of 5G commercialization, China has entered the fast path toward intelligent-connected vehicles. Recently, one of China's auto giants, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, announced their market ambition that putting its first 5G and C-V2X-enabled vehicles into mass production by 2021.

5G Vehicle

C-V2X is a wireless technology that makes communication among vehicles, people and traffic infrastructure possible. Geely reveals that it will build a strategic partnership with US chip giant Qualcomm Inc and Chinese internet of things provider Gosuncn Technology Group Co.

"Such cars will be Geely's first vehicle models with Level 3 autonomous technology. Also, our future cars will all be built with 5G and C-V2X", said vice-president of Geely Research Institute.

Thanks to the commercialization of 5G technologies, industry insiders believe that intelligent-connected vehicles will be the key to global market initiative, which is also a critical application area of 5G.

According to Gosuncn, 5G is definitely the future for communications industry, and C-V2X will become one of the core technologies of autonomous driving. Such technologies allow drivers or driverless vehicles to know what's ahead of them in real time.

Currently, some of Geely's autonomous models have reached Level 2, which means that the automated system takes full control of the vehicle but the driver must monitor the driving and ready to intervene immediately at any time. However, with the introduction of these technologies, all these models can leap to Level 3 by the end of 2021. Level 3 means that the vehicle will handle situations which require an immediate response, and the driver must still be prepared to intervene within some limited time. Level 5 is the highest standard, which can free from human intervention.

Major Chinese vehicle manufacturers are speeding up to promote related technologies and accelerate the progress. Chinese government has also paid great attention to intelligent-connected vehicles and is trying to support the industry.

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