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Some Smart Car Alarm Systems Can Be Easily Hackable

2019-03-14 11:31 Thursday

With the approach of new technology, most of the smart cars have been equipped with alarm system, which is supposed to make vehicles more difficult to steal. However, a latest research has found that alarms system made by two companies actually make stealing a car easier.

Smart Car Alarm Systems Can Be Easily Hackable

The research studied a range of third-party smart car alarms for security vulnerabilities. It turns out that smart car alarm systems made by U.S. firm Directed Electronics Inc., and a Russian company called Experimental Engineering Factory are easy to be hackable.

Through an unauthenticated application programming interface, the security researchers easily reset the password on the alarms, giving them full control. Both companies use app to communicate with the alarm systems, which may result in potential bugs.

Hacker can not only easily steal a given vehicle by unlocking doors and disabling both the alarm and vehicle immobilizer, but also can access the owner's details as well as track the driving history. Worse still, hackers can even take control of the vehicle while it was being driven, which may lead to a malicious accident.

Both companies promised to patch the security bug, but drivers who do not update the software behind the smart car alarms are still exposed to system intrusion. "Auto vulnerabilities bring cybersecurity into the daily lives of every consumer." Said Jason Haddix, vice president of researcher at the security platform Bugcrowd Inc.,

"Connected devices, such as smart alarms in cars, collect a great deal of information about the people that use them, giving attackers a view into when you leave for work, where you are and when you arrive home," Haddix said.

"Everything is hackable, and organizations must take proactive security measures to identify and patch their vulnerabilities before they are exploited by the bad guys." Haddix added.

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