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Volkswagen Opens Its MEB Electric Vehicle Platform

2019-03-08 11:52 Friday

To simplify production, Volkswagen is sharing its advanced MEB electric vehicle platform, and it seems that German start-up e.GO Mobile will be the first external partner to benefit.

Volkswagen Opens Its MEB Electric Vehicle Platform

According to VW, the German group plans to invest 30 billion euros ($34 billion) in e-mobility until 2023, which has outstripped most of its competitors. And e.GO Mobile will utilize VW's MEB production system to bring e-vehicles to market that complement Volkswagen's model offering.

The German firm's founder, Dr Gunter Schuh, said that e.GOs with MEB components will go on sale "within 18 months to two years". "We just starting production of the new car in our factory in Aachen," he said, "and we will make 3,000 cars in 2019. They're all sold out already, in fact, so while I have had interest from Spain, Portugal, Austria and a number of other countries, our sales so far are just in Germany."

Schuh revealed that VW Group personally approached him a year ago to see if he would be interested in combining his technology with VW's own, and after deciding it was possible, spent six months working with the giant to pass its competency tests.

Volkswagen's strategist chief Michael Jost said that the group was in advanced talks over opening its EV production platform to rivals. Meanwhile, Volkswagen is also exploring joint development of e-vehicles with Ford under a wide-ranging partnership.

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