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Off-Road Vehicle Market Ascendant, but Obstacles Remain

2019-01-15 13:24 Tuesday

Improved fuel efficiency, low carbon emissions, electrification, and lower maintenance costs have strengthened market demand for off-road vehicles. The popularity of off-road vehicles has also been bolstered by their diverse applications, in construction, agriculture, and leisure activities.

Off-Road Vehicle

The development of hybrid engines, with improved efficiency and minimal emissions along with the introduction of light weight models, are expected to stimulated robust demand. The size of the off-road vehicle is projected to surpass $28 billion by 2024, according to the latest market research.

However, even an ascendant market can't entirely mask the challenges that off-road vehicles face in society. Notably, a recent fire in Greater Manchester's Winter Hill, has led to a crackdown on off-road vehicles in the area, as authorities believe that their presence could delay environmental recovery efforts. The Winter Hill fire and similar phenomena highlight the obstacles off-road vehicles face in society and with government authorities.

"This is due to an increase in reports of off-road vehicles using the area without land owners permissions and disruption and damage being caused to the moorland environment. After this summer's major fire incident, the area needs to recover. Off road vehicles have a direct negative impact on this process. There are also reports that individuals have broken and damaged new fencing and gates to gain access. This is not acceptable. Off road bikes/vehicles are not welcome on the hill. Regular patrols are being conducted and should you be found using them in the warning area, they will be seized without further notice," noted the police statement.

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