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Bosch And Peugeot Accelerate Innovation in Response to New EU Emission Standards

2018-11-19 10:43 Monday

Automotive powertrain is a system of mechanical parts in a vehicle that first produces energy, and then converts the energy in order to propel the vehicle. The auto powertrain market is highly concentrated, as evidenced by the top five manufacturers: Toyota, General Motors, Ford Motor, Honda, and FCA, occupying over 60% of market share.

The United States has the largest market share of gasoline and diesel powertrain systems, and is expected to retain a higher growth rate over the next five years due to strong growth across the automotive industry. Furthermore, growing awareness of environmental protection will also drive the expansion of powertrain systems.

Bosch recently unveiled its new electrification solution for light commercial vehicles. The new powertrain solution includes two scalable solutions - an eAxle that directly drives the vehicle from an all-in-one electric transaxle configuration, and Bosch's new electric drive module. The scalability of the new ePowertrain solutions from sub-compact cars to light commercial vehicles will provide automakers with another option when manufacturing electric vehicles.


Bosch claims that its electric drive module combines the power electronics and the motor into a single enclosure, simplifying installation and minimizing the cost of materials required if the units were purchased separately.

There has been a flurry of upcoming restrictions on combustion vehicles in various jurisdictions. Dramatically reducing vehicle emission levels is of the key challenge for car manufacturers over the next five years. Bosch has provided automakers with a few more options when considering the path forward for the electrification of their fleets.

Peugeot also recently announced that it's developing a new line of electrified sports cars, beginning in 2020, demonstrating the increased versatility of electric powertrain systems.

In order to reduce its emissions, Peugeot decided to upgrade its flagship performance models, which are traditionally the hardest CO2 emitters, to electrified powertrain. Their efforts are believed to be in preparation for the stringent set of emissions regulations from the EU, which will be implemented by the end of 2020.

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