Event Highlights
4th Asia Diesel Engine Summit 2018
  • Further oil quality improvements necessary for NS VI/ CS IV readiness

  • Authoritative interpretation of the latest emission standards in prominent markets, including China NS VI, China Stage VI and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing methods

  • Analysis of core technologies such as electronically-managed CR fuel-injection technology, and electrification, PEMS

  • After treatment technology updates such as SCR, EGR, and DPF

  • Detailed look at the latest technologies that improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, including DPF, in-cylinder brakes, light-weight, and thermal management systems

  • Cutting-edge alternative fuel and biodiesel developments

  • Insights into the vibrant Asia diesel engine market

  • Prospects and trends for new energy vehicles

  • Premier platform for business development and identifying partners

11th China Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2018
  • Insights into the "Belt and Road Initiative" in China and regional cooperation within APAC

  • Improvements to lightweight, hybrid hydraulic and autonomous driving efficiency

  • In-depth look at intelligent agricultural machinery and mechanization

  • Applications for advanced agricultural machinery technology including unmanned tractors, artificial intelligence, IoT platform, and automated systems

  • Analysis of China’s CE industry data and structural reforms in agricultural equipment manufacturing

  • Technical updates and product development forecasts related to core parts such as hybrid hydraulics systems and electrification, as well as customer-oriented, V2X safe driving support systems, SCR, and EGR

  • Panel discussion revealing new business models for new energy technologies, the independent aftermarket, the used equipment field, and after-service

  • Premier platform for business development and identifying partners