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  • Restrata
    Restrata was established in 2006 and has grown rapidly to become a principal provider of innovative resilience solutions in security, safety & managed response, from consulting and training, to technology enabled tracking, monitoring & response on behalf of the world’s leading organisations.
    Restrata has partnered with Scope Technology, a global leader in enterprise-grade telematics, to create the “Restrata Connected Car”, empowering OEMs, aftermarket service providers & fleet operators to drive more value from their clients and innovate in an ever-evolving market.
    Restrata Connected Car enables the provision of a variety of “killer” applications for their clients, while generating new revenue streams and increasing customer loyalty.
    Our aftermarket solutions create transparency between car owners, their cars, service workshops and ultimately the OEM.
    Dedicated to simplifying car ownership and responsibilities for your loyal customers, we provide a full range of tools and solutions including:
    • Preventative maintenance alerts and scheduling, including cost estimates via a connected mobile or Web app
    • Automatically-generated records for complete transparency between consumers and service providers
    • Breakdown and servicing calls with detailed information on issues directly from the car to the service provider (e.g. bCall)
    • Reckless driving alerts and driver profiles for family members. Special features for teen drivers such as driving past curfew, or outside the allowed zone.
    • Location tracking to help consumers find their parked cars
    • Driving and fuel optimization tips based on driver benchmarking
    • Advanced privacy features so consumers feel secure
    Contact us today to learn how we can help you enhance customer loyalty and drive more value:
    info@restrata.com | T: +971 4 375 1638 | Restrata.com | Scopetechnology.com

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