Overview of the Duxes Vehicle Series

The Duxes Vehicle Series includes groundbreaking coverage of the auto aftermarket, heavy duty vehicles, green vehicles, engine powertrain, and vehicle interiors, gathering auto industry professionals from around the world. Duxes aftermarket summits equip parts suppliers, OEMs, dealers, and service providers with the latest knowledge on development trends, policy developments for remanufacturing, the entry of insurers into the auto aftermarket, as well as of powertrain and transmission assembly topics, which offer detailed insights into market forces at work. Duxes’ heavy duty events have developed a reputation for engaging content and an interactive format, now functioning as a gateway for companies looking to enter the off-highway vehicle market in China and across Asia. In recent years, Duxes has branched out to host events on the burgeoning green vehicle and vehicle interior sectors, detailing cutting-edge innovation and the latest market developments, and drawing universal acclaim from experts in the field.
    6th China Connected Vehicles Summit 2019

    2019/06/13-14Beijing, China

    Duxes has an established history of organizing events related to telematics, and technology in the automotive industry. Previous telematics summits have been well-attended and enriched by the presence of prominent government officials, and representatives of leading technology, automotive, and insurance enterprises with extensive experience in developing and applying new technologies.

    Auto Aftermarket EMEA Summit 2018


    For nearly a decade, Duxes' Auto Aftermarket Team has supported the industry, by equipping enterprises with high-level knowledge on market conditions and cutting-edge innovation. The Auto Aftermarket EMEA Summit 2018 follows in this tradition by delivering comprehensive coverage of the auto aftermarket, with expert testimony on important market forces at work.

    4th Asia Diesel Engine Summit 2018

    2018/12/03-04Shanghai, China

    4th Asia Diesel Engine Summit 2018 will address a wide range of topics, including the latest content of new emissions standards in major jurisdictions, biofuels, the diesel engine market, aftertreatment systems, as well as fuel-efficient and new-energy technologies that have taken the market by storm.

    11th China Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2018

    Shanghai, China

    11th China Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2018 will cover the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on the market, the off-highway parts aftermarket, the latest advances for agricultural, construction, and mining machinery, in addition to the effects of new emissions standards on market demand, and the development of new energy vehicles.

    China Powertrain Summit 2018

    2018/12/05-06Shanghai, China

    China Powertrain Summit 2018 will gather leaders in the field of automotive powertrain and featuring input from government officials, OEM representatives, and technical experts, on a wide range of content. this summit will address the latest emissions standards and subsidy policies in China, technical improvements to automotive powertrain for pure electric, hybrid, and conventional vehicles, the Chinese auto market, and the emergence of connected vehicles, as well as new business models.

    New Energy Vehicle Forum

    Shanghai, China

    New Energy Vehicle Forum continues the work of Duxes’ acclaimed auto event series, by equipping professionals with high-level knowledge on the burgeoning new-energy vehicle sector, drawing on a decade of engagement and support for the auto industry in China and around the world.